Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tips on Increasing Art Sales in Australia

There are the three basic steps to artistic success, which you probably already knew, since it is common sense to any artist. But there is much extra perhaps involved with each step, so I will go into more detail as I explain how to increase the quantity and frequency of Australian Art Sales, taken from the perspective of an emerging artist.

Keep making art. Many artists become discouraged because they are not constantly selling art. Achieving art sales Australia should be secondary early in an art career. Work on building a solid foundation made up of lots of art. Hone your technical skills with your medium until it becomes second nature. Take classes, experiment more in your studio, and look online for painting tips, drawing ideas, etc. With constant practice, you will eventually master your medium. This is a very exciting time, as this will help in all stages of the creation process.
For example, when producing a painting, you will learn to envision an artwork before it is completed. You will intuitively know what palette to choose to achieve the desired result. In so doing, a painting is produced in less time and exactly how you envisioned it.
Artists today also often become side-tracked by placing too much emphasis on online promotions. This is important, but it is more important, especially at the outset, to continually create and grow as an artist. Keep art production as your main priority to increase art sales in Australia. People will eventually notice you as a serious artist. If you are not selling right now, find storage for completed artworks, or better - a place to display them. Get into the habit of consistently creating artwork.
In order to increase art sales Australia, you have to show that you are a dedicated artist. Art galleries often require an art portfolio, along with an artist statement and art resume. Get a catalogue of your artworks published. Participate in group art exhibits and juried shows, and get copies of the show bulletin, with your name included. Try to get published in as many places as possible, such as newspaper reviews, local television and radio interviews.
The more tangible proof you have that you are a professional fine artist, the less convincing you will have to do. Along with documenting your art career, you should be recording every artwork. Take very good digital photographs of the paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc. Even if you do not plan on doing prints, you may decide to in the future. Periodically explain the meaning behind some of your artworks in written form as well.
Circulate your art everywhere to increase art sales Australia. Get your art in the public eye as much as possible and you will eventually make a name for yourself. Contact galleries for art exhibitions and participate in art fairs and festivals. Apply for calls for entry and juried shows. Display your art in public venues such as coffee shops, restaurants, businesses, hotel lobbies, etc. Even though people do not generally go to these places to buy art, they are great for name recognition.
Today, many artists are going online to promote art. Work at creating an online presence. Create an artist website for your portfolio first, and include sharing services such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, and more to increase art sales Australia. Setup accounts at an online gallery and print on demand websites and include a few images from your portfolio there as well. Start building your email list of buyer contacts, and those who you plan on notifying about upcoming events and exhibitions.

Contemporary Paintings Australia

Australian Contemporary Artists painting have been a strong and wonderful expression of art not only for years but decades now. Contemporary wall paintings in Australia with a wide range of themes and styles have been used for giving an ostentatiously luxurious look to the walls of a house. Options available in wall art paintings or wall decor paintings with its endless varieties to the buyer seems to spoil them for options. Contemporary paintings in Australia not only come in a variety of themes and styles but also prices with paintings ranging from economical to luxury priced.

Contemporary wall paintings or modern oil paintings in Australia because of their elegant looks have been used to decorate walls since decades and so the best way to decorate your house is to buy oil paintings.Since affordability is one of the very important aspect to be kept in mind, you can always go for cheap oil paintings for sale. Cheap wall art has found its place in the buyers list since long back because of its affordability and beautiful contemporary paintings.

The best reasons for buying oil paintings or going for cheap oil paintings for sale rather than some very expensive decors for your house could be best explained by discussing few points.

1) Covering wide spaces:- The wall art paintings or wall decor paintings which are often used for decoration could also be used to cover wide blank spaces on the walls, as the wall decor paintings or modern oil paintings  often cover a lot of space on the wall and thus save us a lot of trouble of buying lots of things to cover the space.

2) Ageless timepiece: - Contemporary wall paintings or modern oil painting have always been considered as an ageless timepiece which at any point of time have been the most popular and elegant way of decorations.

3) Beautifies the house:- Contemporary wall paintings or wall d├ęcor paintings or modern oil paintings have been known to beautify a house since long back and the best way to give a luxurious look to your house is to buy oil paintings for your house and if affordability seems like a problem when you can go for cheap oil paintings for sale.

4) Best interior decorator:- Wall art paintings, modern oil painting,  wall decor paintings or contemporary wall paintings have all been accepted as the best interior decorators without the expenses of hiring an actual interior decorator which could definitely turn out to be quite heavy on your pocket wherein a cheap wall art or cheap oil paintings for sale could save you a lot of trouble of changing the decorations of your house and definitely a lot of money.

5) Contemporary wall paintings unaffected by trend :- modern oil painting,  wall decor paintings, contemporary wall paintings or  wall art paintings are the pieces of art that has never been effected by the changing trends they have always been in trend since the day they started to exist, which is the reason why even in the scenario of changing trends people have been preferring to buy oil paintings or in the case of afford-ability cheap wall arts or cheap oil paintings for sale are preferred.

The most important thing to be kept in mind before buying an art piece like wall art painting or even a cheap wall art, is that you like it or not because it is you who is going to see the work for the rest of your life.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Artists Painters in Australia

A painter is an artist or craftsman in Australia that creates works made using paint. Some are formally trained through art school or an apprenticeship, while others choose to train themselves. Painters, like any artists in Australia, have a chance at becoming famous or wealthy through their work, but most painters do their work out of a love and passion for it, rather than for the possibility of lucrative returns.

As far as experts can discover, paintings are one of the world's oldest art forms. Examples of paintings in French cave-dwelling societies date back to around 30,000 BCE. Not much is known about these earliest painters, who used natural pigments to create murals of animals, abstract geometric figures, and human beings. Historians are not even sure what the paintings commemorate, or why they were made. The painters of Lascaux and Chauvet do serve as an ultimate reminder of the vast history and culture of painting, and may even provide inspiration for painters today.

There are many famous artists painters throughout history, each beloved by fans for their unique perspective, prodigious skill, or vision. There is not one quality that makes a great painter, because the styles brought to the medium are so diverse. Luckily, the ongoing human fascination with the arts has allowed many famous paintings to be preserved, studied, and used to influence new generations of painters and art lovers alike.
To become a painter, a few basic tools are required. Paint comes in several different varieties, including acrylic, oil, and watercolor versions. When just beginning, it may be important to experiment with different types of paint, brushes and canvas material to determine personal preferences. Even if a new painter has a desire to be mostly self-taught, some experts suggest taking one basic class in each major painting medium in order to better understand the qualities and use of each paint type.

An Australian artist painter may like to have a completed pencil or ink sketch of the finished work before actually painting it on a surface, but others prefer to work without a plan. Basic drawing skills may be helpful in creating drafts of a painting, especially if a painter wishes to have an element of realism in the drawing. For a painter that wishes to create at least semi-realistic art, an understanding of light, color, figure drawing, and shading is important. An artist who prefers to create abstract art may choose to eschew all formal ideas of an art education so as to better express his or her personal viewpoint.

Australian artists Painters can choose to sell or display their work in many different ways. Some hold shows or art exhibitions, offering their work for sale. Others reproduce their finished paintings to create other objects, such as greeting cards, stationary, mugs, or even clothing. Some painters become muralists, creating large scale paintings on walls, ceilings, or even skyscrapers. For many Australian artists painters, painting is a passion and hobby rather than a salable skill; they may choose to keep paintings or give them as gifts rather than try to sell them.